December 13, 2009

Patrick Tang

My latest craving for photography seems to keep me on a path towards Digital Art (simply photography mixed with creativity, other words known as "pictures that go FAR beyond just simply snapping a camera").

Digital artist Patrick Tang hails from Amsterdam (need I say more?) and has managed to fuse his enhanced creative abilities with taking photography to a whole new realm of existence. What I love most about his art is how well it meshes fantasy with what could very well be the next big sci-fi thriller movie concept.

Patrick uses a handle when dealing with his artistic business. He operates under the name Ultradialectics (basically means - an intense form of reasoning based on exchange of arguments and counter arguments). I feel as though we are connect in some strange way since my handle, Cillico (meaning - one's transformation into a new dimensional world), leads me to want to transform into his imagination just to view the world in a completely different way. Maybe one day Patrick and I will meet face to face and feel like we are looking into a mirror of like minds, but who knows where the future leads any of us.

As for Ultradialectics' art, Patrick deals a lot in a macabre which stemmed from a fascination during childhood from books by Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazzeta. This dark form of art is an intense hobby of which he has yet to show at exhibitions. As far as my thoughts are concerned on this matter, the internet is a MUCH stronger place to show this kind of work and get the right kind of exposure. I mean, can you really see some nicely dressed person sipping free wine and snacking on cheese while looking at this kind of art? I could see this work easily displayed in a club, cafe and even my bedroom!

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